Python Framework for Symbian Series 60 phones

When Python meets Symbian S60 platform... =)

me.png This is my engineering thesis work website. I'm planning to use this interface to collect all information about the work done, state of the thesis...

Source code and documentation are published but the access is restricted to the members of the project or authorized people in order to respect the confidentiality chart of PBOL.
If you think that you are eligible to have access to the whole content please contact me at thesis@lfdm giving me your contact information and I’ll check if the access can be granted.

Who am I?

My name is Damien LEFEVRE, born in Paris area in 1982 where I lived for 10 years. Then I moved to the country side in the Center of France where I grew up, went high school, had my first bands... :)

After my Baccalauréat (2001) I studied 2 years for a degree program in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Châteauroux (2001-2003).

Thanks to Châteauroux University I had a chance to participate to an exchange program for one semester in Oulu, Finland (2003). The experience was great, so I decided to come back and reconvert myself in the IT field. That's how I ended up in Raahe two years ago (2004) thanks to Châteauroux University again :) After everything went very fast, I didn't know anything about programming so I had to work hard to catch up other students, since I'm transferred student.

Then, by November 2005, I had the great opportunity to be offered a project at PBOL for doing some research on the Python programming language. I've learn more than a lot and finally started to reach my goal which is to become a Symbian C++ developer. Python is a nice and easy programming language; it's a good first approach of the S60 SDK. So that will make easier for me to achieve my Symbian C++ course.

So let's go back to work now :)