Python Framework for Symbian Series 60 phones

Thursday 14 December 2006

Install sysinfo on windows

I'll explain quickly how to make sisinfo as a proper command for you Windows OS accessible from anywhere in the file system. What's the advantage? You don't need to always go to the folder where is stored and type

...\>python ...

So first step is to download the package at made by Jari Sukanen. (You need py2exe installed on your machine)

Unzip it. In my case it is situated at C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\Desktop\sisinfo. Open this folder in a command prompt:

Start > Run > cmd > cd Desktop\sisinfo

You can use Clickie also. If you don't know it it allows you to open a folder in MS-DOS Prompt from the right click context menu.

Now we make an executable of sisinfo:

\sisinfo>python py2exe

2 directories are created: dist and build. Copy dist and paste it where you want. I chose C:\Nokia\Tools\ . Then rename it sisinfo. You finally got C:\Nokia\Tools\sisinfo directory.

We now add its path to the system environment variables. So right click on My Computer > Advanced > Environment Variables.

We create a new key:

  • System Variables > New
  • Variable name = SISINFO_HOME
  • Variable value = C:\Nokia\Tools\sisinfo

Now we only need to add the new key to the path variable by adding %SISINFO_HOME%; (Edit) at the beginning or where you want in fact :)

A quick test: open a new command prompt (already opened prompt won't have sisinfo path cached) and type:


Then you should get:

ERROR : Filename must be defined
Usage: sisinfo [options]
                        Name of the SIS file to inspect
  -i, --info            Print information about SIS contents
  -s, --structure       Print SIS file structure
  -e PATH, --extract=PATH
                        Extract the files from the SIS file to PATH
  -c, --certificate     Print certificate information
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit 


Thursday 7 December 2006


I finish to implement the 2 first services.

  • The app get a list of services from a XML file:

Services List

  • From the services menu I select one to go deeper. Then I get a list of items per services displayed on 3 line from a XML file:

Service List

  • If I select to go deeper, then I have a full text description the corresponding item from a XML file:

Full text description

The 2 next services require to display image and text on the same screen. The list isn't completely finished but here is a screen shot of the full description:

Full text and image description

Those 2 services should be finished to be implemented within few days.