Python Framework for Symbian Series 60 phones

Friday 10 November 2006

Meeting report (2006-11-08):

This meeting was just a summary of the work done the last 4 weeks before this meeting

The next meeting is fixed on 2006-12-08.

The new milestones are:

  • 2006-01-31: Language checking
  • 2006-02-7 to 9: Seminars
  • 2006-2-16: Theses for supervisors
  • 2006-2-21: Evaluation meeting

Monday 18 September 2006

Meeting report (2006-09-15):

This meeting as highlighted the current state of the thesis work. According to the advices given, the following modifications were made:

  • The HTML documentation uses now frames and tree navigation. Documentation has been updated and shared. A complied HTML doc is also available for download
  • The project schedule is updated with the current state

Nothing else for now.

Wednesday 13 September 2006

Meeting report (2006-08-21):

Several question and unclear point were left at the end of our last meeting.

  • We treated about differences and compatibility issues between Symbian version and API. You can find below a list of susceptible compatible NOKIA phones for our framework

    S60 2nd Ed phone supposed to be compatible with the python framework:

    Model Feature Pack O.S
    N70 fp3 8.1a
    N72 fp3 8.1a
    N90 fp3 8.1a
    6630 fp2 8.0a
    6680 fp2 8.0a
    6681 fp2 8.0a
    6682 fp2 8.0a
    3230 fp1 7.0s
    6260 fp1 7.0s
    6600 fp1 7.0s
    6620 fp1 7.0s
    6670 fp1 7.0s
    7610 fp1 7.0s

    Depending on the new API pdf, the new version of the Python interpreter (1.3.1) seems to have fixed Symbian 1st edition camera module compatibility, but it needs to be verified. If verified, the following phones would be added to the list of compatible NOKIA phone:

    S60 1st Ed phone supposed to be compatible with the python framework:

    Model Feature Pack O.S
    3600 nc 6.1
    3620 nc 6.1
    3650 nc 6.1
    3660 nc 6.1
    7650 nc 6.1

    3rd edition phones are excluded for now until we don’t get enough information about compatibility issues due to the new security level on the phone. Also the python interpreter for 3rd editions (1.3.8) is only a BETA releases. A stable release is expected for the autumn with updated documentation.

  • UML for Python:

    After long research on the net, it comes to the conclusion that it is not yet possible to generate Python code skeleton from UML charts. The only interesting software found is Gaphor ( which has a code reverse engineer plug-in for Python code. This software has been developed for GNOME, at first, but is now ported to windows. I’m testing it now.

  • UML for the thesis work:

    Since we don’t have any tools for generating skeleton, the UML in the analyze part will be only about drawing UML chart.

  • Carbide & Python:

    So far, there is no way to create Symbian projects under Carbide for PyS60. Nether, there is no success for packaging PyS60 application. I keep those results under reserve. Carbide C++ being on top of Eclipse, any twisting with the SDK is possible and anybody could publish a plugin or extension on that way.